ISS COLLISION - ElectroDiesel


ISS Collision Awareness System

The VDS system is designed, primarily, to warn the driver of a VDS-fitted trackless mobile machine of potential collision with PDS-equipped pedestrians as well as other VDS machines.

The VDS unit utilises global positioning and radio frequency functions, in order to pinpoint and display the position thereof or surrounding VDS-fitted machines, as well as display surrounding machines locally on the VDS display unit, called the VDU.

• Protects vehicle-to-vehicle incidents
• Protects vehicle-to-static incidents
• Protects vehicle-to-personnel incidents

Our Collision Awareness System is manufactured locally, and protects all kinds of vehicles by providing a full interactive drive support system. It reduces the risk of accidents by increasing situational awareness, by alerting the operator to imminent threats. It has a 360-degree monitoring system.

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