EDG13 HiFlex

EDG13 HiFlex 200-1200W the Most Valuable and High Power Floodlight

HiFlex LED Lights are specifically designed for high mounted
applications. These include soccer fields, large plazas and stadiums etc.
The 200W-1200W Lights are equipped with versatile beam angles
adaptable to variable areas, whilst minimising glare and maintaining
uniformity. The unit can be adjusted vertically as well, thus offering
further uniformity for ground lighting.

Key Features
• Vertical angle adjustments
• Design is fit for numerous outdoor applications
• Multiple beam angles
• Electrophoresis and powder coated
• Efficiency up to 135W/ Lumen
• Energy Saving
• Provided with 10KV built in surge protection

Excellent Cooling Performance
Easy Maintenance
• The power box is placed behind the body.
• Separated design brings excellent heat dissipation performance
and easy maintenance.

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