At the ELECTRO DIESEL GROUP, we’re driven to provide best-of-breed brands and products that best serve our customers’ needs and requirements. 


 Our expansive range of products include:

  • Starters and alternators
  • LED/HID work and spotlights
  • Safety lighting
  • Bulbs
  • Light- and heavy-duty batteries
  • Battery packs
  • Terminals
  • Camera systems
  • PAT (Proximity Awareness Technology)
  • And many more…


MAHLE offers innovative solutions that provide high-quality products for the transport sector, through sustainable development and business excellence. MAHLE’s alternators, starters and range of components are backed by years of experience, advanced knowledge, long-term partnerships and comprehensive customer support. MAHLE’s products are distinguished by high reliability, flexibility, efficiency and innovation.


As purveyors of mining support systems, we carry a wide variety of products to cover emergencies, including:

  • Wheel chokes
  • Lockout systems
  • Testers
  • Consumables
  • And many more…


As well as serving as agents for Power Protect, EPS901 and Monitoring Systems, we also offer a variety of other superior EPS products.


LubriVENT offers you the following unique benefits:

  • Direct-acting mechanical valves ensure immediate reaction to a problem.
  • Fully-sealed lubricated valves combine with special O-rings to ensure a long, trouble-free service life.
  • Large bore valves ensure the engine will develop full power at all times.
  • Ideal in harsh environments, e.g. construction and mining.
  • Not affected by high-pressure washers and corrosion.
  • This monitors the actual temperature of the engine. Coolant condition is not important. If the efficiency of the cooling system drops, regardless of the reason, the LubriVENT will react to the increasing temperature of the cylinder head and shut the motor at a pre- determined temperature.

LubriSPLIT offers you the following unique benefits:

  • Proactive engine protection through mechanical measurement and precise electrical shutdown, ensuring that expensive engine overhauls and downtime do not reduce profitability and utilisation.
  • Particularly suited to rotary-type fuel systems and vehicles fitted with OBC and limp-mode systems.
  • Electro-mechanical engine protection for smaller, electronically-controlled diesel engines and LCVs.
  • Monitors oil pressure and engine temperature at all times, and that the engine is operational.
  • Fitted with a mechanical heat valve that will react to metal temperatures in the event of coolant loss.
  • Built-in timer control start-up procedures, to shut down the engine in the event of temperature or oil-pressure problem, irrespective of the driver’s reaction to the gauge warning.
  • Bolt-on kits are available for most of the popular models of vehicles on the market.
  • Compatible with electronic diesel engines.


  • Charging bays
  • Battery packs
  • Lockout systems
  • Control boxes
  • And many more…


  • Starters and alternators: Remy, MAHLE, WAI, Niehoff, EDG PARTS, Bosch
  • Batteries: EDG BATTERY, Schumacher, LemaniaEnergy (Battery Boosters / Chargers)
  • Lighting: EDG LED, HPI, ECCO, Preco
  • Alarms and hooters: Seger, Preco, Ecco, EDG PARTS
  • Gauges: EDG GAUGE, VDO
  • Camera systems: DVR camera systems
  • Switches: Cormar, Cole Hersee, EDG PARTS
  • Spare parts: APE, ZEN, Deutsch, Klixon
  • Consumables: Loctite, Glue Devil, Spanjaard, Q20, 3M
  • Stop blocks, Buggy Whips
  • Reflective Tape

Perfect products? We’ve got the drive.