• Battery Feeder Stud
• Brings 6-36V DC Power Through
• Bulkheads or Firewalls.
• 1 17/64″ Diameter, 5/8″ Long.
• 2 38″ – 16 Thread Brass Stud
• Terminals, 5/8″ Long.


SKU: AES-1616-21B - (Black) AES-1616-21R - (Red) Category:


EDG announces its battery feeder studs for the trucking / Mining industry. EDG battery feeder studs transport DC power through firewalls, allowing truck batteries to be recharged or supplied with power from external sources. The battery feeder studs are solid brass with impact-resistant plastic insulation. Ideal for heavy duty systems ranging from 6 to 36V DC, the studs are available in red and black

Part Number:
AES-1616-21B – (Black)
AES-1616-21R – (Red)