1. Components & Reasons for improved components
  • Enclosure (robust, stainless steel and waterproof)
  • Rubber mountings (reduce vibration on JB and components inside)
  • Flange mount Deutsch connectors (“plug & play” and robust)
  • Flange mount cannon connector (“plug & play” and robust)
  • Back shells on connectors (protects wires that goes into connector)
  • Labeling (quick and easy identification)
  • LAPP wire (robust, very efficient conductor and insulation based on PVC)
  • Weidmuller Feed-through terminal (joining conductors for proper connections)
  • Weidmuller Feed-through terminal labeling (quick and easy identification)
  • Brass/rubber washers (watertight rubber mounting fasteners on inside of enclosure)
  • Silicone spray (prevents corrosion on all components on inside of enclosure)
  • Electrical grease (prevents corrosion inside of connectors)
  1. Stainless steel enclosure
  • Resistance to the corrosive action of external agents is guaranteed by the natural properties of stainless steel, making the metal structures suitable for installation outdoors and in special conditions.
  • Size 120 × 120
  • 1 Each
  1. Rubber mountings
  • Anti-vibration mounts have excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening properties. Pieces of equipment and machinery subjected to noise, shocks and vibrations can be extremely damaged, affecting their lifespan, efficiency and safety.
  • Stud size M6
  • Flange mount Deutsch and cannon connectors
  • Makes the system plug and play and easy to remove harnesses when needed without cutting or removing wires. from inside the enclosure.
  • Extremely durable for harsh environments.
  • Operating temperature 125 Celsius degree
  • 3 × 2way, 2 × 8way Deutsch and 1 × 31way cannon
  1. Back shells on connectors
  • Protect the connectors rear side from any debris entering conductor point.
  • Gives the connector at the end of the harness stability and keeps the wires straight preventing it from kinks and unwanted tangles.
  • 3 × 2way, 2 × 8way Deutsch and 1 × 31way cannon (all 180 degrees)
  1. LAPP wire
  • Quality conductor cable
  • The synthetic material used for the sheath of LAPP cables protects many cases against blistering, cracking or brittleness caused by exposure to the effects of oils or other chemicals. Both the insulation and sheath material of LAPP cables are flame retardant.
  • 5mm diameter of cable
  1. Weidmuller Feed-through terminal
  • Feed-through terminal block is suitable for joining and/or connecting one or more conductors. They have one or more connection levels that are on the same potential or to insulate against one another.
  • 3-point connections.
  • Depth 43mm.

Depth including din rail 44mm.

Height 50.5mm.

Width 5.1mm.

  • 16 Each.
  • Electrical grease/silicone spray
  • Dielectric Strength.
  • Good Chemical Resistance.
  • Good Corrosion Protection.
  • Good Fretting Protection.
  • Good Oxidation Resistance.
  • Good Plastic & Rubber Compatibility.
  • Good Water Resistance.
  • High Load Carrying Capability.
  1. Original electrical junction box
  • Junction box is constructed of plastic material.
  • 2 bolts holding junction box to chassis no shock absorption in any way.
  • Glands is used for entering of harnesses but not compression glands, so water can enter the electrical box at any given time.
  • All wires that connect with each other inside junction box is twisted together and HV electrical caps are put on.
  • Takes time to do fault finding when necessary, because of wires being tangled up and not marked.
  • No anti corrosive products are used to protect the electrical box from underground conditions.