• Detects, monitors voltage, continuity, and current
• OpenJaw design with 0.5-inch opening
• Measures current up to 100 amperes without
breaking the circuit
• Detachable Slim Reach probe tips
• Measures up to 1,000 ohms resistance
• Continuity beeper with <25 ohms when turned on • Battery life up to 400 hours

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  • Be safer: Measure voltage to 1000 V ac through the open fork, without test leads.
  • Be faster: No need to open covers or remove wire nuts.
  • Be more efficient: Simultaneously measure voltage and current.
  • Be everywhere: 17.8 mm open fork is widest in the industry; measure up to 200 A on 4/0 wires (120 mm2).
  • Go beyond simple detection. Actually measure ac voltage and current values without test leads.