Battery Master Switch Single Pole 250A

Removable heavy duty handle with retaining chain.
Includes weather protective boot and seal.
Rated Voltage: 48VDC maximum
Rated Current: 250/2500 Amps sustained/5 secs
Configuration: Normally Open (N/O)
Termination: M10 copper studs
Stud Torque: 15 ± 1.0 Nm
Contacts:       Copper
Hardware: Steel nuts and washers
Construction: Reinforced plastic body with zinc plated stamped steel frame and handle.
Environmental: IP65
Operating Temp: -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions: 64mmL x 120.5mmW x 150mmH
Weight (nominal): 565 Grams

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Designed for switching high current loads in various automotive, commercial and industrial vehicles.
This high performance switch is constructed from quality materials and sealed to protect from harsh environmental conditions.