Cole Hersee Battery Master Switch


  • Battery Master Switch SPST On/Off
  • Silver laminated contacts, Weather resistant, IP68
  • Strong black ABS body, Built-in security locking
  • Indexing pin aligns switch and prevents rotation
  • O-ring seal on mounting shaft
  • Red or yellow locking actuator handle
  • Battery 2x studs 3/8″-24
  • Mounting stem 3/4″-16 thread, L 22mm
  • Suits panel thickness 12mm
  • Approvals: IP68, SAE, J1455
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Provides a reliable power disconnection and safety cutoff that protects the vehicle against tampering, theft and battery drain. Protects personnel from electrical hazards during service. For use on all vehicle electrical systems such as heavy truck, off-road, construction, material handling, refuse collection, marine and more.